Seeing beyond today

Larson Software Development

Larson Software Development, Inc. is a family owned and operated software consulting company, since 1995, that specializes in custom web application development and quality assurance automation testing. Larson Software believes transparency and communication are the backbone to delivering value added solutions, eliminating surprises and anxiety through an honest and straightforward approach. We care about you, your business, and your time, offering complete IT solutions to propel your company toward your mission.

By only employing hand-picked consultants that possess excellent communication skills on top of technical superiority, we are able to not only produce products that meet your requirements, but are designed for longevity: reliable, scalable, and easily maintainable. The criteria for employment with Larson Software include, excellent interpersonal skills, the ability to step into an architect/lead position and yet someone who thrives in a heads-down development role.

We have an incredible team, our industry knowledge has great depth, and we are passionate about what we do. That passion is what makes the difference, and shows itself in every person who represents us.

The prosperity of our clients is our measurement of success

Why hire us

We provide the best consultants.  Our consultants have an average of 20 years of experience. They have all been hand-picked and are all technically superior, have excellent communication skills, and live well-rounded lives. Not only do they understand the latest technologies, they also have a deep understand and strong backgrounds in the principals of object-oriented design. They can easily fill the role of an architect, but are equally content writing code, and generally prefer a mixture of both.

We do excellent work.  The products we produce not only meet your requirements, but they are designed to be reliable, scalable and easily maintainable, without being over-architected.

We don't waste your time.  We pre-screen all candidates before sending you their resume, so you can be assured that anyone we send you matches your needs, and your budget. We know your time is valuable and want you to be able to focus on your job, not interviewing consultants.

We care about you and your business.  We want you to be happy with us as a company, with our consultants, and with the work we do.

We are easy to work with.  Communication is the key. We are easy to talk to, willing to compromise and find solutions that work for all parties, and we answer the phone with a real person and respond quickly.

We are transparent.  Being honest and straight forward is important, and we believe in being up-front about everything so there are no surprises and no anxiety.

We treat our consultants like family

Why join our team

Our business model is blueprinted to attract, retain, and reward only the best consultants in the industry.  By its very design, only the best consultants join our team, thereby keeping our vision a reality.

You choose where you want to work and what you want to do.  We don't "place" you, but instead work with you to find work that is interesting to you and located a reasonable distance from your home.

Your future is in your hands.  Working with us is like being self-employed because you get to make the decisions and decide what direction you want to follow, without the headaches of marketing yourself, managing benefits, accounting and payroll.

Bill rates are always disclosed.  You will always know what rate is being charged for your services. We want you to know what you're worth and we want you to be happy with your pay.

We provide excellent benefits.  We offer a complete benefit package including top-notch health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, as well as a generous retirement plan.